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Stake to Earn Cryptocurrency Rewards: The Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) Token Sale Begins Today

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A hot new crypto project has just arrived, offering huge staking rewards and a high-potential presale that could return major gains for early buyers.

Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) is a new stake-to-earn project that mirrors Bitcoin as it was in April 2011 – when BTC was priced at just $0.99 and had a circulating supply of only 6 million.

The project is, therefore, not only offering BTC at a price not seen in more than 12 years but also offering several notable upgrades on Bitcoin.


It uses the highly efficient proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing holders to stake their tokens and generate passive rewards.

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Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and remains the largest by market cap and the most popular.

However, that does not necessarily mean it is the most useful – in fact, it has very limited use cases outside of limited use as a currency and is, instead, mostly seen as a store of value and investment vehicle.


While Bitcoin BSC mirrors BTC in many ways, it also has several significant advantages.

Bitcoin uses a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism, which means that it is extremely expensive and difficult to mine and needs validators to confirm transactions.

As a proof-of-stake (PoS) token, Bitcoin BSC does not need to require that amount of effort to confirm transactions, making it much quicker and more efficient than Bitcoin. Furthermore, as a BEP-20 token, it is not subject to high gas fees like several notable PoS tokens built on Ethereum.

PoS also means that Bitcoin BSC holders can stake their tokens and generate significant rewards.


According to the bitcoinbsc.io website, the staking pool is already live, with the project offering 0.25 BTCBSC per block in rewards. At the time of writing, that means that stakers will earn an estimated annualized percentage yield (APY) of 166,540%.

This doesn’t represent anywhere close to a realistic figure, and it will come down significantly as more tokens are added to the pool, but BTCBSC will likely offer far better rewards than the other PoS staking pools, which typically offer between 5% and 10%.

Furthermore, much of the project’s overall supply of 21 million – which also mirrors the maximum Bitcoin supply – will be allocated to the staking pool.

Those tokens, like BTC, will have an unlocking period of 120 years, giving the project huge long-term potential which incentivizes holding and keeps the value of tokens high.

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BTCBSC Presale Now Live

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The presale has just launched on Tuesday, September 5 but the project is already gaining traction across Web3.

Like with BTC in April 2011, BTCBSC has s a circulating supply of 6.15 million with the remaining tokens to be unlocked.


An initial 4 million tokens will be made available during the presale, priced at $0.99 each, with a further 2.125 million in reserve should the presale sell out quickly due to high demand.

That means the hard cap stands at $3.96 million – but could rise to $6.125 million if the oversupply of tokens is also sold. The project has also made it clear that any unsold presale tokens will be added into the staking pool.

The presale allocation totals 29% of the max supply, with 69% – 14.455 million tokens – making up the staking pool and being unlocked over 120 years.

A final 420,000 tokens (2%), which have been pre-mined, will also be reserved for decentralized exchange liquidity.

Potential buyers can find more info on the project in the whitepaper or by joining the Telegram group. Tokens can be purchased with BNB, USDT or ETH.

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