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Christian Rappers: The Top 10 You Should Know About

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These artists have the same foundation but are built differently. If you don’t know, you’d better ask somebody!

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Mark Universe

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Mark Universe is that homeboy everybody needs. Someone who is fun to be around but will make sure you’re not straying onto the wrong path. Born in Mobile, Alabama, M.A.R.K Universe (an acronym standing for Made a Righteous King and Universe meaning one verse) is an artist that’s versatile in style but remains strong in his core faith.

In terms of Mark Universe’s discography, when you’re needing something bouncy and energetic, “Familiar” is his go-to song. For insight into relationships, “All You Need To Know” is the one to play. His catalog is vast, and he does a good job of expressing his unique point of view from his walk of life. Mark currently has an exclusive EP on his website featuring unreleased music you should definitely check out while it’s still available.

Caleb Gordon

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Florida native, Caleb Gordon, is a newer artist on the scene. With witty and thought-provoking lyrics, Gordon is a rapper with an authentic sound that’s hard to replicate. It was after graduating high school in 2018 that he made the decision to live for Jesus Christ.

Gordon began his career in 2019 with the release of several solo singles. He also made collaborative singles with his close friend and fellow Christian artist Kenny Rivers. Gordon’s strong work ethic has earned him a dedicated fanbase. Even with his rise in fame, he still remains humble. Beloved and fan favorite songs of his that you should check out are “West Orlando Flow,” “Quick,” and “Mmmmm.”


Darryl Mayes

BigBreeze exudes confidence in everything he does, including his faith in God. That faith is a big part of his music, with his biggest goal being saving souls and spreading the love of God. With his Atlanta sound, he skillfully glides on beats like a surfer on a wave, reminiscent of fellow Atlanta rappers like Gunna and Future. With nine albums out, his latest being No Matter What, BigBreeze offers a variety of songs hip-hop fans will love.


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Aable is a Christian hip-hop artist with a desire to share deep and profound truths through his music. Based in Philly, the rapper shows all the ways music and discipleship can come together. Never boring in his deliveries, Aable always takes on a fun and creative way of sharing his faith. He’s consistently been grinding with his music since 2019, dropping righteous single after single. Performing in and outside his community, Aable’s music helps to spread positive messages and the word of God. Songs to check out by him are “Lipton,” “Sheesh,” and his latest single, “Victorious.”


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Nigerian-born but raised in Austin, Texas, Wande grew up with a mixed religious background. Most of her family are Muslim, while her mother is Christian (Wande later converted to Christianity in seventh grade). A strong curiosity about God led her to discovering Christian rap and forming a new interest in the genre.

As an artist, Wande is the girl that keeps it 100. Her bars are too ill with a strong production backing them. She has the kind of music that can easily go up against any mainstream artist. Songs like “Don’t Worry Bout It” have an energetic sound that will instantly get you moving along to the beat. Wande has an amazing balance of flexing while still having the ability to be vulnerable, sharing personal challenges and triumphs.

Kidd Lee

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Leandrea Caroll, better known as K.I.D.D Lee, is a recording artist straight from Wilmington, North Carolina. The K.I.D.D in her name stands for Kingdom, Influencer, Devoted, Driven. Relying on a unique flow, she creates intriguing faith-based music.

At only 20 years old, K.I.D.D Lee is looking to make an impact on the world. Her music is one that speaks to the broken-hearted and the silenced. “Letting Go” is a great introduction to the artist. In the song, she shows off a very intimate and honest side. Her second album, Chapter 20, is a recent drop that explores more of her faith and passion.

Don Ready

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Don Ready is an artist that stays ready. The Madisonville, Kentucky native captivates listeners with a flow that’s gentle and lyrics that are conversational. His song series, ‘The Heavenly Poetry Collection,” features divine sounds and reminds me of Kanye’s early work. Yet, he’s able to diversify his sound with crazy wordplay and cadences on the track “Mindset.” Devoted to his craft, Don Ready beautifully combines hip-hop and worship, capturing the heart of God. With genius lines like “I got flows cutting the soul cleaner than tummy tucks” and “Told em Jesus taking the wheel, he told me buckle up,” he’s an artist you NEED to tune it to.

Alex Jean

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Alex Jean has a voice that’s massive and influential. It’s a breathtaking sound that is both raw and full of bass. Even with his powerful vocals, it’s his deep lyrical content that really pulls listeners in. You can feel the emotion in every word he professes in “Right Over Wrong.” His thought-provoking lyrics and throwback production allow him to freely express himself. Another song of his you should listen to is “Breaking My Lusts.” In the single, he describes what it’s like to battle with temptation and lustful addictions that pull you away from your God-given destiny. Like his other songs, this one comes from personal experiences with his faith.

1K Phew

1K Phew is a Christian artist that embodies authenticity; it’s no wonder he specializes in hip-hop, a genre all about keeping it real. “My mission is to keep it 1,000. That’s where the 1K comes from” the Georgia native states. During his youth, he often spent his time on the streets, frequently getting into trouble. It was after he and his friends were shot at and escaped death that he decided to turn his life into one devoted to faith. His music is where he reflects on that faith and the culture that heavily impacted him. Gospel rap is back and 1k Phew is one of the artists that’s paving the way. As I Am, his recent album, is one that really showcases the rapper’s skills.

Parris Chariz

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Detroit native, Parris Chariz, has become a well-known act within the Christian hip-hop scene. Chariz, short for charismatic, is what he is through and through. With that charismatic attitude, his music aims to bring brightness to this dark cruel world.

In his music, Parris takes dazzling trap beats and spits heavy lyrics that entail his experiences and relationship with God. He’s gone through several lows in life, but with his strong belief in God, he’s been able to climb back up. His songs “I Can’t Let Up,” “Back Soon,” and “Angels” are full of inspiration but still maintain that rap edge.


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